Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thomas Sabo

I have like charm bracelets for a while and have always been looking at nice charm bracelets from Agatha, Thomas Sabo and others. However, the tricky thing about charm bracelets are:-

1) The charms are usually not cheap (in the range of $30+ - $100+ per charm)
2) You will not stop at ONE charm, SCARY!!!!

So anyway, I never dare to step intp Thomas Sabo although I know they have a huge variety of nice charms because 1 of my friend who like charm bracelet told me their charms are not cheap and she will get it only if she goes HK because it is cheaper there. I hate the feeling of going into a shop to check out the prices and leaving without buying as I always feel the salegirl will be throwing dagger looks at me as I am leaving the place because I am a cheapo and not buy anything.

My best pal in office, L is also a lover and collector of Thomas Sabo and she offered to accompany me to check out the charms at Thomas Sabo @ ION Orchard after our dinner. Always feel safer with company to check out stuffs....... hehe. So I was so spoilt for choices there!!!! There were 3 full display cases of charms that I literally went crossed-eyes! Luckily, there was a catalogue available in the store showing all their charms and PRICES..... I like it...... I can check out the charms and prices at my own time and target.

So after slowing browsing through the catalogue at the comfort of my home, I have shortlisted the following 8 charms (need to get the bracelet as well)

1) Alphabet 'R' charm for my name
2) Small red heart charm
3) Black bag charm (since I like bags)
4) Pink crystal flower charm (because I like the pink)
5) Lucky charm ( I need this)
6) Lipstick charm (because I am a makeup junkie)
7) Cross charm (to remind me of my faith, lol)
8) Cat charm (I HAVE TO GET THIS!)

And guess how much everything will cost if I get it all????

Guess lah.............

Still not guessing?????

Ok lah, I tell you! The 8 charms will cost $550 in total !!!! *collapse on the floor from heart attack*. And this is not taking into account the bracelet I need to get for the first time at $59!

This is an expensive obsession......... Gosh......


  1. Nice!

    I want to get a new ring but dunno where to get nice ones from. Haha. You know how I've been wearing rings on my index finger, then recently a friend told me it's not good to wear rings on the index. Maybe that explains my bout of bad luck!

  2. i didn't know wearing ring on index finger is bad luck wo.......

    tiffany & co sounds gd to find a nice ring. :)

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