Monday, June 13, 2011

Miaka Spree Paradise

I am quite an online shopping addict (especially with beauty products!), GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!! Especially for products that are not available in Singapore, the ways to get our hands on them can only be via sprees, eBay or if you or friends are travelling.

I have been joining sprees on and off with the advantage of getting the products I want and sharing shipping cost (which can be quite costly for some sites). So instead of waiting for the sprees I want to be organized, I have decided to set up a spree site myself!!! Needless to say, it will be mainly on beauty products. :)

Do check out my spree site and do help to share this site around!


  1. hehe ur link has a little error in it..

    should b http://

    with 2 forward slash instead of 2 \\

    i added ur spree link to my blog!

  2. Oops! Thanks for highlighting, I just amended it, hehe.

    Thanks for linking!

  3. :)

    good luck! as u can see/tell by now, i'm not that much of a junkie where make-up/skincare is concerned. tried and failed. all thanks to my lousy skin condition, and can only use those dermatologist products for now...

    but i'll check out ur sprees regularly! maybe can get some toiletries. hehe.

  4. LUSH toiletries smell heavenly, love their soaps!


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