Thursday, June 9, 2011

On and off, I do feed the stray cats around my block. I really feel for these poor cats sometimes, out in the open without proper shelter and food. Some of them look injured and sick at times too which I find so pitiful. My 3 kitties at home are so lucky (because they have nice owners like me and BC! lol).

In the few experiences I had about feeding strays, I always noticed:-

1) When you get closer to them, they will run away. But the moment, they see you taking out food, they will come closer and eventually eat the food you place on the ground for them.
2) Some cats tend to be more 'careful' and will not eat if you are near the food. Thus I have to move a distance away to get them to eat and after they are done, for me to clear the plates which I place the food on.
3) Cats tend to move around the estate but within the vicinity. Sometimes I have to walk around to look the 'usual suspects' to feed them.

Sometimes I do think what does these cats go through everyday that makes them behave this way. I can imagine they must be escaping from people who tried to disturb them that they tend to be cautious around people.

I think I sound weird saying this but I actually felt at peace when I am feeding these cats because I will be alone or with BC in the evening and I will be away from the stress and buzz of our daily, routine busy stuffs. I am just not thinking about anything, this is peace isn't it? Not to mention that it warms my heart to see these kitties having a meal, I just feel glad that I am helping these animals.

It did cross my mind to be a volunteer with Cat Welfare Society but I am unsure if I can commit the time needed since I can be very lazy at times thus the only way I could do is to feed these stray cats responsibly (clear the food and plates after their meal so that we do not litter the place). There was once we saw another lady feeding them too and we started chatting. She was telling me and BC how stressed she was at work previously and when she quit her job and started feeding these cats around her mum's place, she felt so peaceful and happy. I can totally relate to her because that's how I feel when I see my few favourite stray cats gobble down the food I brought and walking away after they are done. It feel good to help those in need. :)

For readers out there, please do not find these stray cats a nuisance. Given that they have no proper food and shelter, what they want is just to survive. Even if you are not a cat lover, please do exercise some tolerance towards these small animals who can do no harm to you and just ignore them. I have seen people swinging things at them or kicking their feet to chase them away which I find is unnecessary. Cats will move away when they know they cannot get what they want. They are just small animals.... :)

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