Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paradise Dynasty @ ION Orchard

Thanks to L who purchased and shared her Groupon coupons, we got to eat yummy xiao long baos and 8 coloured mix flavours xiao long baos at Paradise Dynasty at discounted price which is a very good deal. One thing about Paradise Dynasty is that they do not accept table reservations thus we have to be prepared to queue for a table. To avoid the dinner crowd, I reached Paradise Dynasty at ION Orchard before 630pm in order to get a queue number to get a table. Lucky for me, I only waited for 5 mins and I got a table for 3. Yeah!

Since there are 3 of us (L, BC and myself), we can afford to order more stuffs and share in order to sample more varieties. We ordered 10 xiao long baos and 8 coloured mix flavours (by using the Groupon coupons), 生煎包, dumplings in chilli oil, la mian in pork broth and sliced pork and 上海炒年糕.

The 8 coloured dumplings are really unique and the flavours are original, garlic, ginseng, foie gras, cheese, black truffle, sze chuan and crab roe. As we were sharing, there are some flavours which we do not get to try. I only had original and foie gras and I find the foie gras flavour not too obvious. BC tried ginseng and did not like it as he find the ginseng taste really strong.

I quite like the 生煎包 although I felt the size could be slightly bigger. The skin is not too thick, filling is juicy and the bottom is nicely pan fried with the slight crispiness. La mian in pork broth is nice as the noodles is just nicely done (not too soft and just firm) in a tasty broth which it obviously cooked for many hours as the essence of the meat is so in it.......

Last but not least, we have got to have dessert!!! But it was from 'Once Upon a Milk Shake'! I have heard so much about their milk shake that I just have to try it. BC and myself shared a cookies and cream milk shake and man, it was thick! We had to let it melt a bit before drinking it since it is pretty thick and challenging to suck up the straw.


  1. so how did u find the milkshake? i think i only had it less than 5 times in total tho i think it's good.. but it's damn sinful can?!!

  2. love the milkshake cos it is thick!!! yeah, totally agree with on the sinful part, cannot have it often. lol


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