Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yummy tom yum instant noodles

Honestly, I just found the yummiest tom yum instant noodles ever! I love thai food especially tom yum soup because of the heat and sourness from it. Love love love!

I found this yummy instant noodles at NTUC and honestly I have no idea what the brand is since all I see are the thai characters, so maybe the brand is FF???

Like any other instant noodles, it comes with a pack of seasoning and a small pack of chilli oil. Not sure if you can notice from the picture below that the noodles is actually of a smaller size than Myojo. I have no issue with this smaller size of noodles as I always cannot finish 1 packet of Myojo. With this FF tom yum instant noodles, I can finish all the noodles and even the soup because it is just so yummy!

I added some meat balls into the boiling water, followed by the noodles and egg (drooling........) and the seasoning. After boiling for about 2 minutes, the noodles can finally be served and I also added a bit of the chilli oil to get the extra kick. :). I am not sure about you but I like my noodles Q and firm thus I only like to boil the noodles for only 2 minutes such that when I serve it in a bowl, it will be slightly hard. This way, when the noodles are cooling down in the down for a minute or so (so that it will not be so hot to burn my tongue), the texture is just nice.

Check out the noodles here..... still firm and Q

1 pack with 5 packets of the FF instant noodles is $1.45 and now NTUC is having a promotion of 2 packs for $2.45, so grab them if you like tom yum like I do.

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