Friday, May 20, 2011

Seeing the pan of Paul & Joe Pressed Powder

I finally see the pan of my Paul & Joe pressed powder, yeah!!! I almost thought I would never see the pan of it since I had only pan out on Chanel's or Fancl's 2 way foundation (I am more consistent in using 2 way foundation than liquid foundation and pressed powder combo).

Thanks to my makeup pal, Tracy who helped me got it during a sale at Isetan some time back, I finally got to try this pressed powder which Tracy has been raving to me for a while. As only shade 03 was on sale, I bite the bullet and got her to buy it for me hoping it would suit me and thank God, it was the perfect shade for me!
Seeing the pan, yeah yeah yeah!!

Paul & Joe pressed powder feels smooth on touch and has slight shimmer in it (as you may notice from the light specks in the picture below). Ladies with combination or oily skin may prefer their powder to have matte finish and I was one of them previously. However, I grew to like the slight shimmery effect it has on my combination skin, especially when I am 'zombified' and looking extremely tired. This powder immediately make my skin look brighter and more radiant without the 'oily' look. The texture of the powder is so smooth and fine that it helps to conceals my open pores as well. What can I say except 'I AM LOVING THIS POWDER!!!'.

Oh, for your information, it is not Paul & Joe case I am using as you may notice from the pictures and instead it is Anna Sui's. As both Paul & Joe and Anna Sui are from the same company, this could be the reason why the pan is a perfect fit in Anna Sui's case. :)

For you guys who would like to try out Paul & Joe pressed powder, they have revamped and came up with a newer version of the pressed powder called 'Pressed Powder Duo'. Similar to the older version of the pressed powder, it comes with the same fine and smooth texture with shimmers but you can see the shimmer at one side of the pan and matte version on the other side of the pan. This give ladies the option of using a mix of the shimmer and matte powder or only the matte powder.

Go try this powder out! This is definitely my HG pressed powder now.

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