Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mini Chanel Haul

I am badly influenced by beauty bloggers such as CafeMakeup, The Beauty Look Book and Tracy's Beauty Blogsphere who had such love for Chanel cosmetics that I am once again caved in in making a small purchase over the Chanel counter again.

I was checking out the counter at Takashimaya to find out if the Summer Collection was out and the friendly SA told me it will only be out 1 week later (which was last week). Being a professional and smart SA, she asked if there is anything else I would like to look at and her 'professionaliam' and 'friendliness' immediately enticed me into checking out some of their permanent line of products. I told her I have been wanting to get a cool-toned pink blusher for a while but I cannot seem to find 1 that is suitable. She immediately tested Chanel Powder Blush in Narcisse on me and I love how the candy pink blusher in the pan looks fresh and vibrant on my cheeks without making me looking like a clown, I was immediately sold! Being a very professional SA, she added on to ask if I would like to get eyeshadow to pair with this blush and I was thinking, why not? I specifically mentioned that I need the colours to be fresh, not brown (since I already have my beloved Naked Palette) and not too smokey (since I will be using it mainly for work) and she recommended Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in StageLight which is a palette of purple and lilacs, love it!

Totally love professional and nice SA, some really sucks!!!

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