Monday, May 30, 2011

Hauls from HK (while I am still in Sin)

Yes, you saw the title right.... the hauls were from HK but I was in Singapore because the shopping was not done by me but by my close colleague who went HK and Taiwan for holiday. I am very conscious about troubling my friends to help me get stuffs from overseas as they should be enjoying their holiday and not doing my shopping but I am really blessed to meet really nice friends who always offer to help get my stuffs. Thank you Levon!!

Shu Uemura eyeshadows ME850, 700, Laura Mercier loose setting powder, NARS eyeshadow duo in Tzarine, MAC eyeshadows in Gleam, Satin Taupe

NARS is the only brand which I hauled that is not available in Singapore. I know their blushers are also highly raved by various beauty forums and bloggers, but I am not quite adventurous in terms of blushers (in fact, I am hardly adventurous in terms of eyeshadows also, haha) so anyway, I chose this eyeshadow duo mainly because it's not the usual neutrals that I have always been using and yet the colour is not too strong. It's a palette of shimmery beige and shimmery cool toned grey (looking a bit navy blue at some angle) which is just lovely.

Laura Mercier loose setting powder needs no introduction. It is like the holy grail of loose powder, just do a google on this and you will find list of sites raving about this powder. Fortunately for us in Singapore, Laura Mercier is available in True Colours situated at Takashimaya Shopping Centre (basement 1). But unfortunately for us as well, the sales people in True Colours SUCKS. They are always stalking you like some gold carrot and insist that their house brand IZU is better. I went in last year wanting to get the loose powder and they had to convince and convince that their IZU loose powder is better. And stupid me, actually tried and ended up buying their house brand. But alas, it was not good! Even though, it claims to be translucent, I look like a ghost applying it. I only used it 2 - 3 times and it is now left at the corner of my cosmetic drawer. Total waste of money!

The remaining 4 eyeshadows are permanent products which are easily available in Singapore obviously but I have heard that Shu Uemura is much cheaper in HK (it costs $32 per eyeshadow in Singapore!) I wanted to get ME 700 (the metallic purple shade) sometime back and it was out of stock! Damn popular colour, can???

Hauling is always something happy, don't you think? Just looking at them brings a smile to my face, haha. I have only started using MAC Satin Taupe and the rest are still looking good and brand new! :)


  1. your fancl stuff are still with me! and these were from feb and it's already jun girl!

  2. yes!!! hahaha, 1st 2 weeks i will be busy with mth end reporting, you available in the 3rd week of jun?

  3. 3rd week of june i might be travelling (frm 14jun) for slightly more than a week. i'll let u know if the trip is confirmed and if yes when i will b back ok?


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