Sunday, May 8, 2011


We finally caught Thor yesterday! And damn, it was a good movie! *thumbs up* There is always something about superhero movie adapted from Marvel Comics that I like, takes away my mind off stress and worries from this world, hehe.

The special effects in this show is really good. The scenes showing the city of Asgard (where Thor came from) are vivid and looks very real. This really shows the advancement of technology. With the excellent special effects and exciting story plot, this movie is totally totally enjoyable and I did not feel that I was watching this show for 2 hours at all. The yummy male lead, Chris Hemsworth definitely made the whole movie experience to be even better. Don't believe me? Check out his bod.......

Damn delicious right? Hahaha. My favourite actress, Natelie Portman was also in the show and starred a scientist who found Thor when he was exiled to Earth by his father. They eventually got into a romantic relationship with each other and damn, I love their chemistry!!

Please check out this movie if you had not because YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!!! It will definitely be a watch-again movie for me once it is released on DVD!

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