Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chanel Black Pearl Nail Varnish

I admit, I am a beauty junkie but I do not usually buy things that are immediately launched. So the pace that I collect my stuffs will be much slower than the renowned beauty bloggers as I like to see, consider and reconsider before I buy them. Let's face it, money doesn't come easy. :)

So, while most beauty bloggers have been raving for months over Chanel Black Pearl nail varnish which was launched as part of Chanel 2011 Spring Collection, I only got it last Friday when I causually asked the friendly SA at Takashimaya if she happen to to have stock for it and she does. :)

This colour is very unique, it looks like dark grey with a tinge of green. And it looks slightly different from different angle, similar to looking at a pearl. Chanel nail varnish is sold at $36 which is considered expensive in my humble opinion but with this uniqueness of colour coming from CHANEL, I say it is WORTH IT! :)

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