Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts as I am once again struck by the flu virus. Sore throat, cough and dripping nose is back AGAIN (I was just celebrating the recovery of the cough 2 weeks ago and I am down once again). The bad weather and never ending work is not helping me in the recovery process and I seriously need some good rest which makes me quite happy to be sleeping almost the whole day as a result of the drowsiness of the flu tablet and cough mixture.

Just 2 hous ago, me and BC were waiting for a taxi at an 'informal' taxi stand area after dinner and we were second in queue. The auntie and 2 uncles before us (in their 50s, I guess) flagged down a cab and just as they were about to board a cab, an old auntie (prob in her 60s or so) came out from NOWHERE and started shouting at them not to board the cab because it is hers and she was here before them. She claimed she was sitting at the bus stop about 20 metres away because she is tired. Before they can start to reason with her, she started hurling abuses at them in hokkien and they had to let her board the cab to stop her with all these nonsense. At that point, my respect for her as an elderly dip down to negative level as her behaviour is totally unnecessary. I am sure if she were to say nicely that she was resting at the bus stop because she was tired / her legs are tired, these people would offer to let her board the cab first (even though deep in their heart they were cursing and swearing, lol).

Which brings me to the point of this post, respect needs to be earned. It applies to everywhere, home, work and public. At home, we have to protray ourselves as a good example to the young so that they know that they have to behave in a certain way and be a good person. In office, we have to be a team player and good worker so that others can respect our work ethnics and contribute together towards a better working environment. In public, well, this auntie-hurling-abuses-to-get-cab sitiation tells it all. But human beings being selfish by nature, just love to take shortcuts and that's when all kind of rubbish comes out from every individual.

I think this posting is too heavy for my concussed brain which is still suffering from the drowsiness of the medication and let's just leave this as a food for thought.

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