Monday, May 2, 2011

All in the enjoyment of good company

Nothing beats spending a day with good company over food, gossips and TV......... that's how life should be.

There were alot of food...... alot of cheeses, hams, olives (courtesy of Laura for bring it back from her Spain holiday), home made salad and baked chicken breast by our renowned Chef Peck and Garett's popcorn!

We were all damn bloated beyond words after this meal that we do not need dinner at all. Because, our lunch are still in the process of being digested. :)


  1. i bought garrett yesterday too! super nice!

  2. Yeah!! But get abit sick of it after eating it. Too 'je lak'

  3. nice. totally stuffed that day...
    "renown chef peck"? well, he certainly did a great job.

  4. Must give him credit. He 出屋又出力! Haha


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