Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Current favourite skincare

A friend of mine asked me some time back to do a post showing my skincare regime so I thought of posting this to show the products that I am in love with and cannot do without.

My skintype is combination, sensitive skin which turns red very easy under heat or after using products that are too strong. Thus I am quite careful on the kind of products that I pile on my face.

Fancl's mild cleansing oil has been my favourite makeup remover of all times. Being someone very lazy, the hassle of using a separate eye makeup remover for my eye makeup with waterproof mascara and eyeliner only puts me off. Having tried various brands of makeup remover, Fancl mild cleansing oil is the ONLY makeup remover that allows me to remove eye and face makeup all at the same time! I have heard of friends who claim that this cleansing oil broke them out but *touch wood* I have no issue with it so far and it cleanses the makeup so thoroughly and yet not harsh to my skin at all.

The picture above shows some of the stuffs which I am using on a daily basis now. Some of which I have been using it for a few years and some are recent loves.

1) Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Bought this cleanser during a 20% Metro sales (to enjoy the direct discount & utilise the voucher from other purchases). To be honest, I hate this cleanser when I first started using it. The texture and smell is totally different from the Gentle Foaming Cleanser which I used years ago (this is some new formula). I felt the texture is abit too 'buttery' for my liking in the 1st week of usage. But after a week of using it day and night, I fell in love with it all over again as I realised what was the problem. After using Shiseido White Lucent Foaming cleanser, it has became a habit of mine to squeeze approximately 2cm worth of foaming cleanser from the tube to work up a thick lather (by instruction of the SA). However, when I squeeze the similar amount of Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser, it became too thick that I was not able to foam up and create the thick lather. By reducing to only 1cm foaming cleanser for my wash, the lather is thick and foamy and my face felt clean and fresh after wash. Most importantly, I do not have the tight and dry sensation on my skin after wash.

2) SK II Facial Treatment Essence
This baby needs no introduction as we are constantly bombarded by TV, poster and magazine advertisements. I know most ladies would pour the essence into their palms and pat into their skin, however, I personally do not like this method as I find most of the essence were absorbed into my palms instead. My preferred method of application is rather to pour the essence onto facial pad and using the wet pad to pat the essence onto my face. At time when I have pimples, after patting the essence onto my face, I will place the wet pad over the pimple for about 10 - 15 sec, it always help to sooth and calm down my pimples. I know this way means that I use more essence each time, but personally, it work best for me. :)

3) Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targetting Serum
I only use this serum after toner at night (just like I use SK II essence after toner during day time only). By rotating this serum with the SK II essence day and night, I am ensuring that I do not overload too much nutrients to my face at the same time (causing breakouts) and yet enjoying the benefits of these products. I only apply this serum over my freckles and I do see slight lightening of them. This will be a slow process since I am only using it once a day versus the instructions of twice a day but it's ok with me since I still saw some improvements.

4) SK II Skin Refining Treatment
This is a night moisturiser containing BHA which is able to minimise pores. One tip I learnt from my friend, L is that when you notice a pimple coming out, apply this night moisturiser over the area and it definitely help to calm the pimple down and even prevent it from popping out! I have tried this method many times and it works without fail!

5) Niks Aroma Acne Gel
I have been using this acne gel for years, I think coming to 5 - 7 years? What I love about this acne gel is that it is extremely effective and it is not too strong like Oxy whereby the area of application will sting, peel and become dry. So you can be assured this is mild and yet effective!

After identifying my love list, I have also identify a product which I need to use more consistently....... which is....... Clarins Shaping Facial Lift!!! 
What is deterring me from using this product day and night is that I need approximately 30 seconds to do the 5 steps of shaping and lifting and I do not have this 30 seconds in the morning!!! (such irony right? when I can easily spent 20 minutes in applying my makeup -_-, haha). However, I have consistently been using this for the past few nights and I hope to see a sharper face soon!! :)

Thanks for reading this lengthy post and do share with me your favourite skincare products too!

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