Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Karate Kid

Honestly, this movie is named wrongly. It should be called 'The Kung Fu Kid' because according to Jackie Chan in the show, he is teaching Jaden Smith REAL KUNG FU. Thus the title is totally wrong! Haha.

This show is pretty long in my opinion at 140 minutes as there were moments during the movie whereby I am wondering why is this show not ending yet. As usual, typical of any movies starring Jackie Chan, we can expect smooth kung fu moves from him as well as interesting dialogues. What is interesting about this movie is also the setting, which is in China. In contrast to most shows whereby we see a foreigner in Amercia who is being bullied big time by the local baddie student, the opposite happens here. Jaden Smith is a American student in China (who is there due to his mum's job in China) and was bullied by the local boys who happen to be taking kung fu lessons from a nasty kung fu instructor. Could this be a sign that America is losing it's power as world's No. 1?

As usual in any show with kung fu content, the message behind learning kung fu is to defend the weak, strengthen your health and maintain peace. It should not be used to bully the weak and do harm to others. I think this show has a lot of hidden meanings in it which is worth watching, BUT not on the big screen. Renting a DVD is more than sufficient. At times when you get a bit bored, you can still pause the show, grab a nap and come back to it again. :)

PS: Is there something wrong with Blogger??? I can't seems to load any pics!

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