Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Rite

Even before I started watching this show on Blu-Ray, I was already scared shitless by the poster (as you can see below). I cannot watch movie with gore but scary shows like this is fine with me, lol. I will just hide behind my cushion lor, what's so difficult? Haha.

There has been a lot of disbelief on exorcism and demonic possession by a lot of people. Just like the case of Emily Rose, there were sayings that Emily Rose is actually not possessed but was suffering from depression.

For your information, catholic churches does not perform exorcism as and when they THINK a person is possessed. Actions are taken to ensure that it is not a psychological issue but is also unexplainable by science before a priest can perform exorcism. Most importantly, not all priests are able to perform exorcism and has to be specially trained, just like in the movie.

In the movie, the deacon (yet to be ordained as a priest) had his faith tested after the passing of his mother. This is what happen in life, people blame everyone else about things that they were unhappy about and eventually they blame God for not being there. I am guilty of this at times as well as I will whined about how life is unfair to me. Sometimes I thought to myself WTF am I doing here......... Anyway, sorry for the digress, I do not wish to go there. So everyone, please have faith in everything you do, you are not alone! :)

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