Thursday, June 16, 2011


What is purpose of Facebook? Is it just a networking tool? I think what is soooo successful about Facebook is that it is not just a site to connect with your friends. It is also a site that one can play games, share pictures and your life on.

Honestly with the advanced in technology whereby anyone can get connected with FB, everyone is posting about their life on the go. I am sometimes a victim of this as I will be surfing FB via the app on my iPhone and it's interesting to see the amount of stuffs some people post. To what they eat, do, see etc etc, u name it, they post it!

I find it interesting and scary at the same time. Interesting to know what my friends are doing but scary that people will know your every moves. I still remember an episode of 'Criminal Minds' whereby a psychopath was able to find and select his victims via their Facebook or MySpace. He knew their lifestyles, where they worked, where they stayed and even what they had for lunch. Can't imagine someone being killed because her life is literally on the web.....

So my friends, just be careful of what you post on FB because you never know who will be using the information posted. At the same time, for some people, it is also totally unnecessary to post your every single moves on FB too..... It can be quite irritating, if you get what I mean.


  1. wa scary! i hope i'm not one of those "post-everything-online" kind that you're referring to!! hahahha. :P

    ya but i do get a bit annoyed by some pple who post EVERYTHING.

  2. haha, definitely not you! but some can be crazy to post every single thing.

  3. ya lor maybe cos they really want to share.. or.. hmm don't know. perhaps we're just paranoid. me especially also bcos of my job!

    anyway i got ur stuff for u already! there was 1 item that the person said is not the "oil-free" one tho, cos that one has no "oil-free" type.

  4. Thanks verena! Is it the foundation primer or tinted moisturiser that has no 'oil free'? I just realised that the tinted moisturiser has colour shade, which I did not tell u. lol

  5. i think it's the tinted moisturiser. hmm actually now i can't remember cos the stuff are in the hotel..

    ya the moisturiser has shades and i think i picked one that she told me is most commonly purchased, and i thot the colour seemed quite ok. if not, u tell me ok!? or u see if can sell off online or sth. so paiseh

  6. No prob at all! I can play around with lighter or darker shade of powder to mix one. Hehe. Thx for your help !


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