Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jello and toufu parfait

Sometimes I wonder if BC is in the wrong line because he is always able to whip up food with whatever ingredients we have at home and they usually taste quite good. Cleaning up is a separate issue all together and let's not get there. Haha.

So anyway, this time round, I reached back home after my monthly tui na and he prepared this interesting-looking Jello and toufu parfait which taste pretty good. It is a bit too sour so he needs to cut back on the lemon juice.

The ingredients used:-
1) A box of sugar-free Jello
2) A box of silken toufu (mashed / blended if you have a blender till smooth)
3) A couple of fresh blueberries (you can put other fruits based on your preference)
4) Some choc biscuits (broken to smaller bits)
5) 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and mixed in with the mashed silken toufu

So the steps are pretty simple:-
1) Prepare the jello mix (based on the instructions on the box) and pour into glass. Place the jello into the refrigerator to set
2) While the jello is setting in the refrigerator, mash / blend the silken toufu till smooth and mixed in the lemon juice for flavouring
3) After the jello has setted, put a few scoops of mashed toufu in and then add the fresh blueberries. After which add in more scoops of mashed toufu and top off with crushed choc biscuits at the top. This would create the layering effect.

Simple right??? I hope you guys have fun doing preparing and enjoying this healthy dessert. :)

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