Friday, March 2, 2012

MAC Chenman & Shop MAC and Cook MAC collections

I'm sure I'm not the only one who notice that MAC has been launching collections and collections faster than ever. I still recall the last collection that really caught my eyes was The Wonder Woman Collection but after which, the collections became more of a miss for me.

Through the surfing of beauty blogsphere, Shop MAC and Cook MAC collection and Chenman collection managed to get my interest and attention for that short while. In fact, I was sooooo sure that I am going to get Lipglass in Force of Love and Mineralised eyeshadow in Pink Union from Chenman collection and Shop & Drop eyeshadow quad from Shop Mac and Cook MAC collection. But when I saw and swatched the stuffs for myself at Tangs, I was quite disappointed and thus left empty handed.

Yes, you would have noticed that the eyeshadows were purple, I LOVE PURPLE!! In my opinion, these are lovely shades but the texture or finishing is really unimpressive.......

Let's start with Pink Union, the texture is smooth and buttery but the issue that I had was the finishing. The lighter shade in Pink Union is too frosty for my liking. Force of Love is a lovely shade of bright peach pink but it reminds me so much of Chanel’s Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Insolence (which I already have), which is a cooler pink. Even then, it was not enough for me to part with my cash.

Shop & Drop, Shop & Drop......... I had SOOOOOO high hope of this quad and it look lovely in the pan. When swatched, only Hypnotizing (2nd shade from the left under 'Shop & Drop') caught my attention in terms of texture and finish. The remaining three shades are too dry for my liking.

Nonetheless, these are just my feel and opinion about the collections and I'm sure you ladies out there might just find something that you would love. Do check them out at Tangs if you can and take a look and feel for yourself. :)

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