Friday, March 9, 2012

My favourite blushers

I just did a count of my blushers and I have around 15 blushers (yucks!) but I always end up using a few of my favourite ones. This is noootttttt gooodddd............ this shows I am buying more than I am using!!!! Since we are at the topic of blushers, let me show you my favourite blushers.

Just to give you an insight on my personal preference of blushers, I prefer blushers with slight shimmer than matte one. Somehow I just find matte finish blushers too powdery for my liking. Of course, this is my personal preference. Also, I am not very adventurous with the colour of blushers and tend to choose those that are not too strong but can give a subtle glow on my NC30 skin.

So here are my favourite blushers that I reach for often:-
From left to right: Chanel Narcisse, Benefit SugarBomb, MAC Springsheen

As you can see above, only Chanel Narcisse is pink-based and the other 2 are coral-based. Here are the swatches under room light:-
Sorry for the bad swatches and I hope you can see that Chanel Narcisse is a cool-toned blusher. I still remember how I got this blusher. I actually went up to a Chanel SA at Takashimaya counter and asked what blusher is she using and that's how she got a sale from me! Haha. Benefit SugarBomb and MAC Springsheen are coral shade blushers with shimmer and thus giving that subtle glow that I like. I would say these 2 blushers are very similar and only MAC Springsheen is a stronger shade.

Do you have blushers that you will always end up using more often? Do share with me. :)


  1. I'm an equal opportunity blush girl, I just decide before hand which blush I am going to give love today and match my eye and lip make up accordingly. I don't believe in too strong blush too, I like subtle colours but I prefer matte ones because they suit my skin better. I love my Chanel fore most followed by my Burberry. And I have a habit of layering my blush, cream followed by powder.

  2. Jacq, I have been tempted by Burberry blushes a few times but yet to cave in yet. Haha. But they have lovely shades.


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