Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: LUSH Sultana of Soap

After trying a few LUSH soaps, I am on a road of no return, I simply love their soaps! I have tried Honey I Washed The Kids, Sexy Peel, Sea vegetable and Noubar, and now I am trying out Sultana of Soap.

Yes, you can expect raisins in your soap! This bar soap is creamy and sweet smelling with the raisins in it and it totally look like a gigantic nougat I love how the creamy texture of the soap makes it so easy to lather (unlike Sea vegetable) but you can also expect the soap to turn soft easily if it's always in contact with water. As such, always make sure that your soap dish is dry and away from the shower head.

Although Sultana of Soap is creamy, it does not leave my skin feeling moisturised like the Dove shower foam advertisement. However, I like it that my skin feels clean and fresh (especially in Singapore's humid weather) without the squeaky clean and drying feeling. Scent of the raisins also lingers on my skin as well as making my bathroom smelly nice. :)

This soap is a definite re-purchase for me, together with Honey I Washed the Kids and Sexy Peel. For you readers out there who are keen to give this soap a try, do check out LUSH store at Wisma Atria. :)


  1. I only tried one of their soaps called Lust, I love the scent but somehow I prefer body washes to soaps although looking at the pretty chunks of soaps at Lush just brings out the buying instinct. I would love to try their tubs of scrub though.

  2. The sad part about using these soaps is that they 'melt' so easily and not as convenient as body washes but that still doesn't deter me from getting their soaps. I have read raves about some of their scrubs but have yet to try. I'm also keen to try it though.


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