Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paul & Joe Face & Eye Colour Palette in 076 and 078

I am a 200% cat lady. I love cats and I love my cats to bits. Cats are just full of character that makes me love them more and more. Sorry that I side-tracked but yes, because of my fetish for cats, I know I had to get the limited edition Paul & Joe Collection Sparkles release for spring 2012. Thanks to my favourite SA, Bee Lian at Takashimaya counter, she helped me reserve the Face & Eye palettes and the lipsticks, yeah! :)

There are 3 Face & Eye palettes but only 2 (076 - brown toned, 078 - green toned) palette caught my eyes. I gave the last palette which is a pink and purple toned palette a miss since it look kind of common and almost the same as all the purple palettes that I already had.

Face & Eye Palette 076 Siamese Please is a warm toned palette with shimmery bronze, dark brown taupe with slight subtle glitters and matte beige. Wonderful, wonderful neutral in a palette that is so user-friendly.
The texture is smooth and buttery and this palette is interesting more pigmented than 078. There are blogs that suggested using the bronze shade as bronzer and matte beige as highlighter, how cool is that? Imagine just bringing this palette out for travelling, you just settled your eye and face makeup.

Face & Eye Palette 078 Purr-Fect, on the other hand is a cool-toned green palette with shimmery light green, shimmery moss green and satin white.
The pigmentation of 078 is not as intense as 076 but my personal feel for a green palette is that you probably would not want to look like a Frankenstein with pigmented green lids? Hehe. I also can't think of any ideas how this palette can be used as a face palette so if anyone out there has any idea, do share with me. :)

If we think of these palettes from a practical aspect, the colours may not be that unique and impressive but I seriously feel there are collectable value on these palettes. I am still sad that P&J is pulling out from Singapore.... why why why????? *cry*


  1. This is so nice!! :) I love P&J palettes :) So cute!

  2. Rainy Days and Lattes, yes, their palettes are really lovely that I cant bear to use them. :)


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