Thursday, March 8, 2012

OPI Mermaid Tears

Since the removal of my last gelish, I have been resting my nails since. Once again, I am enjoying the flexibility of being able to remove the nail polish and paint another colour as and when I want. Ok fine, I admit my nail painting skills sucks but still acceptable lah! Haha.

This time round, the colour on my nails is OPI Mermaid Tears from Pirates of the Caribean Collection.
Recently, I have actually taken a liking to green colour like green clothings, green eyeshadows and now green nails! Mermaid Tears is a mint dusty green which I find it adventurous and still work-safe. Love it!

After painting my nails at the stroke of midnight yesterday, I realised it is the same colour as my iPhone case! :) The case looks more minty though.


  1. Yah!!!! i tend to buy more when the phone is new. hahahaha.


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