Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wild Honey date @ Scotts Square

Met up with Juju and Hui with BC at Wild Honey last week for a meet up session since it has been a long while since we last meet up and boy, it felt good to meet up with great pals to talk and catch up.

Since the time we met is late brunch to almost lunch time for us, I really wanted something hearty and savory so I chose English Breakfast this time. There's eggs, bread, sausages, bacons, breakfast potatoes and baked beans and it was a real HUGE serving!! You get to choose the kind of eggs and I opted for scrambled (as usual...... lol) and BC, who order English Breakfast as well opted for sunny side up.

The thing about Wild Honey is that you really need to wait for your drinks and meals to be served. The speed at which they prepare even the drinks really need improvements. I am willing to wait for 10 - 15 mins for my food but even a cup of latte need 15 mins??? Hmmm.........

This meal is a so-so for me as I find the sausage too salty and meaty and the baked beans taste weird. Maybe I am just used to normal canned baked beans that I do not know how to appreciate theirs. Haha.

Honestly, if you ask me to make a choice between Wild Honey or Hatched, I would prefer Hatched, except the location really is not as convenient as Wild Honey.


  1. Yummy!!! I love a good hearty breakfast. I never knew Singapore had such nice breakfast places.

  2. Have you tried Breeko at Holland Village? I like their breakfast menu.

  3. Jacq! Me and hub goes Breko at HV pretty often too. Sausage lightfast is my fav! :)


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