Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today we finally went to the printer to print our cards....... But the original Printer A whom we booked appointment with is a big time screw up! I called him for an appointment 2 days ago to inform him we will be coming down to see him today at 2pm and he said ok. When we arrive, he is not around, and his one and only staff who look super blur (only asking us to choose cards and did not advise us what to write in the cards) told us that he is not coming into office today. When I called his hp, it was an overseas ringing tone and he did not answered my call!!! WTH!!! I sms-ed him and told him that we had an appointment with him and he is not here and that we purposely took leave to come down and what we got is total unprofessionalism!

I quickly got Printer B contact no. from Ros and head now to their office. During the times when we were on the cab, Printer A called me and I ignored his call. He replied and say that his staff will help me and I told him that we are going to another printer so it's ok. Luckily we went to Printer B...... Even though he has lesser card designs as compared to Printer A, at least he advise us what to write in our card and how to write them. So we just confirmed him on the spot. Yeah, that is 1 item strike off from our To-Do List. Next will be to confirm the caterer, I have placed my order online and hve indicated them to give me a call as I am looking to change some items from the menu, once that is done, another item strike off!

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