Sunday, December 16, 2007

Today is another family day for me. Meet my family for lunch (to celebrate dad's and mine birthday) at United Square. Even though the food wasn't that fantastic and comes with a not so worthy price tag, it was still good times spent. After which, we went to City Hall Robinson to get some stuffs, it was so so crowded!!!! Xmas sale mah, sure alot of people. Got my dad a polo tee shirt and mum bought us a brand new bedsheet for our wedding. BC did not want to have a red bedsheet set (usually the case for weddings) so we ended by buying a brown and navy blue one. Since mum and dad not 'pan dang' and feels it's fine, then it's ok.

Then we headed down to bridal shop to choose 2 bridesmaid dresses, dad's jacket and best man jacket. I told them that I want the 2 of them to wear at least the same colour and need not same design and thank goodness for their slim build, it wasn't difficult to find 2 same dresses for them in the same colour. And my wedding album is ready!!!! But the table top pic and 3 8R pics in 1 frame is still not ready, so they have yet to pass me my soft copies....... But me being the 'bo liao' one, has decided to take some pics from the album (using a camera and snap pics of the album!). Hahahahaha.

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