Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

2006 is finally coming to an end........ Looking back, I do not seem to have achieved much except got myself a new religion, a new job (which I will be out of it soon!), renovated my house (reno still on-going) and planned for my wedding. I have never given myself any new year's resolution because knowing me, I might not be able to stick to it anyway...... But for this year, I seriously hope to lose weight, save more money and also truly truly treasure my family and true friends. Through all the incidents that happened this year, it really made me realise how important money is. Money can really make / break relationships.

I also lose some unworthy friends during the year but I think it's ok. It made me realise who are my true friends and who are not. Our time is precious and we should only spent it with people who are truly treating me as a friend.

It must be very crowded in town area today and after complaining that I am sian, I have still decided to stay at home and surf the net and blog and read. Perhaps I am getting older now, crowds just made me feel dizzy......

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