Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I have achieved much since Sat...... Finally went shopping for my lightings last Saturday and my my, it is really much cheaper to buy from other shops as compared to the shop that we first seen at Great World City...... Imagine I saved approximately $570 by buying it from another shop!!! This money could be put to better use man!!!

Flooring for my house has been done but I have yet to take any pictures of the house since I feel it would be better to take the pictures after more work has been done. Air con piping has also been settled yesterday and the units and compressors would be installed once the renovation is about 97% completed.

My worst fear, GOWN SELECTION has been completed today with the company of BC, V and May. It was a tedious 4 hours selection with MANY gowns that were heavy and I had to struggle with:-

1) Can-can (it is really difficult to change gowns with can can on)
2) Small gowns that obviously need alteration in order to fit me!!!! So far only about 3 gowns fit me JUST nicely when I suck in my breath! I wonder why am I the only fat bride around???? Damn!!!

I have decided to choose a bustier gown as my actual day wedding gown, a halter neck gown for my outdoor shoot, a dark turqoise evening gown, kwa and kimono for studio shoot......... I cannot imagine that I took 4 hours to choose only 3 gowns!!!! Gosh, it was tiring.... Even BC was tired waiting for me, I'm sure V is tired as well, rite?? Thanks gal for coming, really appreciate it!!!

Decided to head down to vivociy to see if there is any movies that we can catch and it was closed for the premiere of "The Curse of the Golden Flower"!!!! Apparently Chow Yun Fatt who acted in teh show is also in Singapore for this premeire....... Decided to have our dinner at Sushi Tei and had a drink at Pacific Coffee before heading back home to watch Phua Chu Kang for a good laugh........

More work tomorrow...... the lightings are coming and we need to settle certain details with our contractor.... House renovation is really ALOT of work!!!!

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