Saturday, December 16, 2006


Has been fantasizing and drooling over some Taiwan celebrity with V for the past few weeks and we were just thinking why the sweet bitter love story never happened in real life? For starters, this is a SHOW and all of the scenes of the love story are made up but sometimes I just hope that such sweet little things happen to me sometimes.

Life is boring enough and to make thing worse, we always have 1001 things that we are unhappy about.... Job...... Money..... Friends..... Family....... Perhaps this is the reason why entertainment line is always so lucrative. They provide an avenue for people who are bored with their life (like ME) to escape from reality and fantasize about what they want and what could have happen to them if they were the leads in the show.

This society is a more and more sick place to stay in. Just this morning, I was almost knocked down by a car. While I was crossing the road, I saw that this car (drove by a young man with a lady next to him) driving very slowly from a distance. Given the short distance of the road that I am crossing (only 2 lanes), I would definitely be able to reach across the road before the car reaches me. But this stupid, inconsiderate driver actually pick up speed even though he saw someone crossing the road!!!! WTF!!!! He has no common sense or what???? Shit man, Singaporean drivers are really getting more and more inconsiderate, especially the younger generation. So what if you have a car? Big deal huh? Please lor, unless u paid your car full in CASH, you are just like any Tom, Dick or Harry who has 1001 debts at your ass that requires you to pay the blood sucking banks every month!

Gosh, I think I need to get back to my VCDs and continue my fantasizing..... the real world is just so depressing......... JOE!!! HERE I COME!!!!

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