Saturday, December 30, 2006


After a whole year of planning, my good fren, Ros finally had her wedding yesterday. She was absolutely beaming on this special day and as 1 of her good fren, I'm so happy for her. She has definitely found herself a good husband. 1 who will take care of her and absolutely adore her. Good for you, Ros!

As 1 of her jie mei, I started the day at her place at 7am. Her hubby, Roy and his brothers came at approximately 720am and we started our gate-crashing sabo. Since Ros didn't want us to give him a 'hearty' breakfast, we had to make him sing songs, have Q&A (about how well he understand his wife) and also agree to a marriage contract that we drafted. Roy was quite 'shuang kuai' and gave us 2 red packets of reasonable amount and we decided to let him off the hook. Ros was very very pretty on this special day, no wonder the saying goes that no brides on earth is ugly. Of course, on any normal days, Ros is already very pretty but yesterday, she just look prettier than usual.

The wedding banquet at Swisstotel The Stamford was good. Good food and good crowd. I saw a lot of ex-colleagues there and of course I also saw people whom I do not want to see. I was comfortably seated with Vas, Jeffie and SL and we had a good time catching up. They are who I call true friends. Friends who do not put my plane, friends who remembered me and friends who are not hypocritical.

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