Saturday, December 23, 2006

I got it!!!!!

After a few days after my interview and 'psycho-ing' myself that I might not get the job that I wanted, I finally got a call from their HR personnel informing me that they are offering me the position that I applied for!!!! I was happy beyond words that I could not even eat my lunch! I quickly called BC and tell him the good news and the remuneration package that they offered me and he told me to accept me quickly. V was with me the whole Friday afternoon and I'm sure that she can see that I am beaming with happiness, right? Hehe.

Informed a few of my close colleagues that I have got a job offer and will be tendering after going back to office after Christmas, they were all happy for me for leaving the shit hole. In fact, my resignation letter will be my Christmas present for my new boss after her relaxing and refreshing holidays in Europe. Hahahahaha, I am mean!!!! M asked me if I will stay longer than my 1 month's notice period and my answer is a definitely 'NO'. Because I always feel that even if I stay 1 more day longer than my notice period, no one is going to appreciate it, so why should I waste my time and effort? But I would hate to think what is going to happen to my 2 staffs after I resigned since I know work will become more shitty than ever!

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