Monday, December 4, 2006

My house renovation

I haven't been blogging much about my house renovation since it started last month because the progress has not been much to any lay man like us. To us, we will only see the tiles been re-layed, change in the carpentry work and perhaps repainting but the work behind all these hacking and repiping and rewiring is huge. After a few weeks, finally I can see some tiles coming up!!!! But only in the toilets....... more pictures will come after my flooring for living, dining and bedrooms are up and perhaps with some carpentry work.

For my common toilet, the toilet bowl and the basin and shower area is 2 separate cubicle but the theme is the same, black and white. However, I have chose a gold tinted glass basin for the common toilet and my mirror has yellow and black pattern around the frame. Yellow has been chosen because my kitchen cabinet will be made up of yellow and silver colour.

For master bedroom toilet, in order to have a more warmth feel, we decide to go for something neutral like beige but still keeping the black floor tile. There will be a glass shower screen so that water will not splash out when I shower and my basin will be plain glass to match the glass shower screen.

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