Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Belated hauls posting

My blog has been really boring lately with not much updates and all thus I decided to post a belated haul postings with some of the buys that I made few months back.

Courtesy of 2 of my good pals, I managed to snag Laura Mercier from Taipei and Crabtree & Evelyn stuffs (my pal had some discount for her birthday month). I got the popular oil free foundation primer and tinted moisturiser from Laura Mercier as these 2 products are highly raved in the beauty blogsphere. Have yet to break into it thus no comments from me so far. Will post my comments about it once I started using them.

I love nice scented stuffs, especially from Crabtree & Evelyn and L'Occitane and I have been a fan of their body products for a while. Used to not need to get anything from them because I also received their stuffs as Xmas presents from friends! I love lavender and anything with lavender goes for me so I decided to purchase their Lavender dusting powder as well as Lavender bar soaps. Love them!

Next up is Metro Sale! I never usually head down to Metro during their sale as I have friends who can help me get stuffs or I have no stuffs that I need to get. This time round, it was a rare occasion whereby I have Clarins stuffs that I need to get and I was actually available to head down after work.

What I love about getting Clarins stuffs from Metro is that because I am a Metro Card holder, I get to have direct 10% discount off Clarin's products on normal times and when it comes to Metro sales, it's an attractive 20% direct discount! Lucky for me, Clarins works well on me so it is what I called 'Killing 2 birds with 1 stone', hahahaha.

During the Metro sale, I got my favourite cleanser, Gentle Foaming Cleanser for normal to combination skin, Toning lotion (for combination to oily skin) and White Plus HP Whitening Moisture Day Emulsion.
I have tried Toning lotion years ago so I do not think it should be any problems for me. But the whitening day emulsion is a new try for me since it is new. However, I tested the texture on my hand and it felt ok so I thought why not give it a try, especially when there is 20%? Cheapo me........ BC also got some stuffs from Clarins Men range seeing the 20% discount! Haha.

Another reason why I love Clarins? They are super generous with their samples, which I think is a superb strategy. Most ladies are concerned about committing to a product which might end up not suitable to their skin type. With a sample, not only are they able to try, if it's good, you have a new customer, why not? Check out the samples I have from Clarins over 2 visits from them previously! (Did not managed to get any samples during the Metro sale because it was really crowded!)

Last but not least, I finally got my hands on Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy after my previous posting here! Chanel does not have direct 20% discount since their stuffs are price controlled but we get the 20% off in terms of rebate voucher. So I get to offset this 20% against my Clarins purchases (which already has direct 20% off, yeah!)

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