Saturday, August 13, 2011

brotzeit @ Vivocity

With a bunch of closer colleagues in office, we organised a monthly HAPPY HOUR get together whereby we will meet for some some drinks and food. So far we had a few of such get together and it was absolutely fun! We bitch about work, talk about holidays and crap about anything. Definitely a stress reliever!

This month, we got together at brotzeit at Vivocity and I have to say, getting a table at this place is absolute madness on a Friday. Some time back, we tried making a table reservation 1 week in advance and they told us the place is fully booked! Being the kiasu us, we thought since we already had a date for the next happy hour session, perhaps let's just book 1 month in advance and thank goodness, we got a table this time round.

What is interesting about brotzeit is their beers. I am not a beer person and thus not an expert. There is this bitter taste about beer that makes me dislike it but brotzeit was able to cater to people like me who don't really like the bitter taste of beer by mixing it with mango juice, banana juice, coke or sprite! I had their beer mixed with sprite (I think it was called the 'cyclist' as it is a popular drink in Germany whereby people have it after sports, given the low alcohol content), and it was refreshing.

Next up, we had to order food for a bunch of hungry people who just went through hell and back at work! Given we had about 6 people who are eating, we ordered their meat platter that comes with their signature pork knuckle, different type of sausages, deep fried veal and 2 sides (which we opt for their yummy potato wedges and white cabbage).
It was really meat overload but we love the sausages and pork knuckle. Fried veal was a bit too dry for our liking though.

As we sat and chat and bitch about things, we managed to catch the fireworks from Sentosa that goes off at 930am and it was nice........ Nice scenery, nice food and beer and most importantly wonderful people....... What more can I ask for?

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