Friday, August 26, 2011

My first Gelish experience

I am not someone who does manicure or pedicure often, especially manicure. Somehow, the polishes just does not last well on my fingers (max 3 days and chipping will occur), and this could be due to me doing housework or whatever, I am not sure. I do like going for pedicure as my feet just feels so much cleaner after the pedicure session with all the dead skin and cuticles removed.

I have friends who have been doing gel nails for the longest time and raving about how lasting it is (3 weeks - 1 month) and the shine and gloss is always there! As I went for a session of pedicure at this shop at Holland V (I used to patronise them about once a month), I enquired if they do Gelish as well. They do and I felt it wasn't as cheap as those promotion we always see at $48 or $68 but $80! And it is not inclusive of manicure which is what I would like to get it done given the amount of gross cuticles on my fingers. But I still caved in and thought just give it a try, at least I tried and if I do not like it, just pay $30 for a soak off 3 weeks later.

The whole process of removing my cuticles, shaping and eventually waiting for the gel to set is damn FAST! After applying the gel polish on my fingers and shining the UV light on them for a mere 2-5 mins, it is done! WHAT?????? I kept asking the manicurist if it is really done as I usually had to wait for my polishes to dry for at least 10 - 15 mins! She asked me to touch it for myself and it is dry, not soft and firm like it is REALLY dry. I really like what I am seeing......

The next test would be after removing it, how does my nails look like as I have also heard friends telling me their nails got brittle after doing gel nails, so we shall see. :)

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