Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Little One........

After the rescue of the little kitten from the car-park last week, he has been fostered by a 'nanny' (a nurse vet at the vet clinic) on weekends and we will bring him back on Saturday before he is sent back to his nanny on Sun evening. From the way I see, he is a very active boy, the only issue now is that he is still very small and young thus extra care and attention is needed. However, when he whines..... man..... he SURE CAN WHINE! Loud and clear!

So here are some pics of the little guy!
Above pics taken on 30 Jul

This week, when I went to pick up the little one, he has grown slightly bigger and stronger!

I'm so happy to see the little kitten so well and thanks is not enough for the vet nurse who agreed to help me take care of him on weekdays. Yes, I paid her but she could have declined but her kind-hearted-ness is all it took to help this kitten. This is why I said that animal lovers in general are super nice people!

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