Friday, April 27, 2007

Coming home!!!!

After 4 nights in HK and I barely enjoyed myself, it's finally the day to come home. I think I must be the only freak who did not enjoy myself much in HK. I dislike the cramp-ness of the streets and the expensive cost of living here. Did not manage to shop much as the stuffs here are either available in Sin or expensive.

After a few days of cloudy and rainy weather, it is finally sunny again........... I still prefer Taiwan's weather since HK's weather is no difference from Sin......

Food wise is quite good though, IF you find a good 茶餐厅. I still remembered eating a horrible plate of curry fried hor fun. When I placed my order for this item, my impression was a plate of fried hor fun that is fried with curry. It turns out it was a plate of plain white fried hor fun served with a separate bowl of curry!!!! That was the worst food I even eaten during my stay here. I decided to go back to another 茶餐厅 that I tried when I arrived the 1st day and thank goodness for me, I found 'heaven' again, haha.
Yummy fried 一丁noodles in XO sauce with pork chop!

Cheap heels which I do not know if the quality is good............

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