Sunday, April 22, 2007

Catholic Engaged Encounter

BC and I went for the Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) last weekend and it was really great. Not only does it identify practical issues that we need to take note of now, but they also make the couple iron these issues during the weekend. There were alot of in-depth discussions between couples and I find it extremely useful since I hardly voice out what I really feel to BC and vice versa.

But it was a tough weekend to go through. It's physically tiring (because we have to wake up like 7am everyday and sleep at close to 12 mignight) and mentally tiring (because we are also discussing and talking about some practical issues).

But the fantastic part about this programme is that most couple seems more loving after the end of this programme. Have you been in a room whereby 32 couples are so much in love and you can feel the love in this room???? I have experienced this during this weekend..........

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