Sunday, April 1, 2007

Busy busy busy

It has been a busy week so far for me. Non-stop emails from TW and HK offices, from TW auditors, from boss and other teams and departments. Work has definitely been picking up for me. But somehow I seem to be enjoying it still and that is good for me. I find that I have come to a stage in my life that I am motivated with challenges and I do not mind the stress and slightly longer than usual office hours in my life. Perhaps I do not have anything else outside work that I look forward to, that's why I find it a good thing that I am buried in my work.

Met up with Angie at my place yesterday and we were talking about work. Both of us agreed that there is no perfect company, culture and of course salary. We just have to be contented at 1 point in time and make sure we do what we enjoy after work. Personally, sometimes I also do not know what I enjoy because sometimes I am just so brain-dead that I do not wish to think and just stare blindly into the TV. I am not like some people that I know who want a car or condo etc etc. I am not INTO these stuffs...... (except for bags, of course, haha). I guess sometimes I am contented with the small things in my life......

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