Saturday, March 24, 2007

More damages and bye bye Taipei..........

I am back! Quite sad to leave Taipei so soon especially when I did not managed to go alot of places (eg. Taipei 101, more night markets etc). But well, I'm sure to come back again, and hopefully this time for holidays and not work......... I simply love the weather there, a cool 17 degrees. After 2 days, I am still trying to get used to the hot and humid weather in Singapore.......

Pic that I took while going to the airport.......

Yummy steak...... It's only NTD300 and it comes with free flow salads, drinks and desserts!

红烧牛肉面 (in tomato base), yummy!!!


California Fitness at Xi Men Ding

My 2nd try of oyster omelette (without sauce)

6 flavours donuts from Mister donuts

An pan donut!

Pirated Tokidoki bag and pouch from Shilin Night Market

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