Monday, March 19, 2007

Greetings from Taipei

I finally arrived in Taipei yesterday evening at around 5pm and for a moment it really felt weird to be alone in a foreign country. For starters, I hardly travel and here I am, all alone in foreign land for work. I was even blur as to where do I go after landing and I just follow where most people are walking to.

A driver was arranged to pick me up from the airport and now I know why is the charges at NTD1,300. He came and pick me up in suit and a black Mercedes. Haha. The driver, Mr Huang is a friendly guy who recommended what are the nice food to eat in Taipei, and strongly recommend that I go to Shilin Night Market to take a look. The journey from airport at 桃园 to Taipei is a quick 45 minutes since traffic has been quite smooth. Throughout the journey, I can see alot of agricultural land for rice and lots of mountains. Mr Huang mentioned that 2/3 of Taiwan is made up of mountains!

Settled down in hotel and after surfing the TV channels for about 30 minutes, it's time to head out and meet V and her fren M for dinner and shopping at Shilin Night Market. It's time to take the 捷运. Their train system is simple to follow just like in Singapore, good!

Sheraton Hotel Taipei is only few minutes walk away from the nearest station...........

We headed to Shilin Night Market with 'FOOD' in mind. I wanted to try the fried chicken chop, oyster mee suan, oyster omelette and 臭豆腐 (it really taste very good!!!!!). And on top of that, I also tried duck's tongue (sweet and chewy), 甜不辣 (flour like cake that is sweet and spicy), 汤包 (similar to xiao long bao), 粉圆 (beancurd with bubbles in bubble tea), fried mushrooms (yummy and crispy!) and some shaved ice with fruits and milk. Food is fantastic!!!

Enjoying our oyster omelette and mee suan!


Oyster omelette with sauce (I still prefer our local ones!)

Oyster mee suan!

The huge toilet that I have!

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