Monday, March 5, 2007

Ugly Betty

Caught the 1st episode of 'Ugly Betty' and I find it a good show! I guess I should be catching it most of the time starting next Sunday. Looking at what happens to the main lead, Betty in the show, it brings back alot of memories of me when I was in sec school. I have always felt lousy about myself when I was in sec school as I am plump and short. Sad to say, the truth as depicted in the show whereby the ladies with looks and boobs are always the one who get what they want is also true during my sec school days. I still remembered whenever we go for campfire (I was Girl Guides during that time), I will always not go for the refreshment session since that was the time whereby scouts will come by and get number of the guides that they fancy and I always feel exceptionally uncomfortable since the clique I hang around with are quite cute and pretty.

Till now, I still have this problem whereby I feel uncomfortable about myself but I guess I just have to live with it. But for starters, I will definitely start exercising to lose off the pounds!

BC has been attending RCIA class with me and so far he seems to be enjoying himself during the class. Fr Richards' way of teaching does intrigue him in a way and he also agrees with certain things that Fr Richards taught, and I think that's good. He also started attending mass with me (without me asking if he want to come along with me!!!)!

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