Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday has been our usual 'Stay At Home Movie' day since we found a video rental store at Clementi recently and the movie for this Sunday was 'The Passion of The Christ'. I have wanted to watch this show in full for sometime (the last time I caught drips and draps of this show was last Easter and it was showed on HBO or Star Movies) and surprisingly, BC said that he want to watch this show too!!!! That's it, we are renting this! Hahaha.

The Passion of The Christ is a film about the last twelve hours of Jesus of Nazareth’s life. The film opens in the Garden of Olives (Gethsemane) where Jesus has gone to pray after the Last Supper. Jesus resists Satan’s temptations. Betrayed by Judas Iscariot, Jesus is arrested and taken back to within the city walls of Jerusalem where the leaders of the Pharisees confront him with accusations of blasphemy and his trial results in a condemnation to death.

Jesus is brought before Pilate, the Roman Governor of Palestine, who listens to the accusations leveled at him by the Pharisees. Realizing he is confronting a political conflict, Pilate defers to King Herod in the matter. Herod returns Jesus to Pilate who gives the crowd a choice between Jesus and the criminal Barabbas. The crowd chooses to have Barabbas set free and to condemn Jesus.

Jesus is handed over to the Roman soldiers and flagellated. Unrecognizable now, he is brought back before Pilate, who presents him to the crowd as if to say “is this not enough?” It is not. Pilate washes his hands of the entire dilemma, ordering his men to do as the crowd wishes.
Jesus is presented with the cross and is ordered to carry it through the streets of Jerusalem all the way up to Golgotha. On Golgotha, Jesus is nailed to the cross and undergoes his last temptation - the fear that he has been abandoned by his Father. He overcomes his fear, looks at Mary, his Holy Mother, and makes the pronouncement which only she can fully understand, “it is accomplished.” He then dies: “into Thy hands I commend my Spirit.”

At the moment of his death, nature itself overturns.

In the scenes whereby Jesus was scourged by the Roman soldiers, I can't help but weeped at this scene. I could not believe that there were such inhumanity previously and not to mention that these soldiers can actually scourged a man to beyond recognition with blood splattered all over the ground. The way they tortured Jesus was simply cruel.......... Thorn crown, constant whipping and the finally crucifixation was really inhumane. I really cannot imagine how someone can go through all these extreme pain and torture. After the show, I realised that I was not the only one who was affected by the show, even BC weeped during the show and we both agreed that the show has such a strong effect on us especially when we are attending RCIA together and whatever that Fr Richards taught in class was shown in the movie.
This is really a good show to watch during the Lent period since we can truly 'feel' what Lord Jesus went through and it reminds us of repentance during this Lent period.

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