Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild

Thanks for lovely lady, J who was doing her spring cleaning, I managed to purchase Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild from her. Chantecaille is a brand that is new to me and I have never tried any product from them so thought this might be a good idea for me to give it a try.

Housed in a dark gun-metal shade of metal case, it does look kind of classy but is a terrible finger print magnet though. It even comes in a pouch to keep it from getting scratched.

Tiger in the Wild palette comes with 3 eyes shades and 1 cheek shade. Each pan comes with a tiger embossing which is in line with the name of the palette.

Before we get to the swatches of this palette, I really got to rant a bit. For a brand like Chantecaille which sells their palette easily S$100 and above, I wish they could do better on the quality of the packaging. While trying out this palette, I noticed the pan for the light beige shade and blush shade to be loose! No, it's not dropping out yet but I am able to turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise. This is definitely a first time for me!

So anyway, over with the ranting, let's get back to the swatches.
The light beige shade is indeed very light and I really like the taupe shade on the top right hand corner of the palette (then again, I am a taupe lover, haha!). Both the light beige and taupe shade are shimmery and satiny which is lovely but I find the blush shade quite common and dupeable. The darkest shade was one that gives me a pleasant surprise. It looks like black in the pan but when swatched turned into a deep purplish-black shade.

The texture is not the best in the world since Burberry and Le Metier de Beaute win hands down, but it is not difficult to apply and blend and I also did not experience any fallouts.

One of the advantage of Tiger in the Wild Palette is that it incorporates eyeshadows and blush in a palette which is very travel-friendly. The neutral shades are suitable for daily use (for work) and for that special night out with a smokey look, depending on your application. However, the disappointment is the quality of the packaging. Having a loose pan that turns is not cool. :(


  1. That totally sucks about the loose pan. I expect Chantecaille to be really good quality but I'm a little underwhelmed. I feel the same about my Coral Reef palette too. I wish the shadows were more pigmented.

    1. Jacq, I doubt I will invest in another Chantecaille palette.

  2. Aww I'm sorry to hear about the loose pan! I really like the embossed pattern (big kitties!), and I do like the taupe! I've never tried anything from Chantecaille though!

    1. I personally think Chantecaille is over hyped. We can get much better products that cost the same or lower than this.

  3. The swatches don't really convince me, but I do like the tiger pattern :-)


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