Sunday, May 5, 2013

I miss Tokyo

Influenced by J pop and dramas when I was much younger, I have always wanted to go Japan for a holiday and experience how is the country like. Years after years, this plan has been shelved time and again due to other commitments and finally in April 2013, the trip to Japan materialised.

As we are travelling free and easy, we decided to just stick with 1 city so that we can have an easier time planning. We had to choose Tokyo, of course!

We had a lot of fun in Tokyo and with the company of V, who has been to Tokyo multiple times to bring us around in some places, it was a different experience altogether. Joining a tour does bring us to nice tourist attractions but it will be tough to feel the culture of the country.

Japanese are very clean and organised thus their streets are always clean. They take pride in doing the best in whatever they do and it is evident even in daily tasks. 
 Clean streets of Ikebukuro

Recycling is very common in Japan and it's a lifestyle that trashes are sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable ones. Wherever we go for meals, we will be expected to clear our own trays and clear the food and non recyclable stuffs separately from the paper cups and bottles.
Check out the bags of cans for recycling!

Have you been so annoyed with commuters on the bus or trains who talked non stop on their mobile phones throughout the whole journey? I know I am thus I really appreciate trains and buses in Japan announcing to passengers to refrain from using their mobile phones so that they will not disturb other passengers. That is really thoughtful!

Despite us going to Tokyo after the cherry blossom seasons, we were lucky to still be able to see some sakuras during our Mt Fuji day tour. They are really beautiful.

 I need not elaborate further that Japanese food are yummy and since I am a fan of Japanese food, anything goes for me! Starbucks is a must though. Haha.

The buildings in Tokyo are very close together and when night comes and lights light up the building, it can be quite beautiful. Somehow, I just don't find the buildings in Singapore to amaze me that much, hahaha. Bias me....

For cat lovers, you cannot miss going the cat cafes there! We went to one in Ikebukuro and the kitties there are gorgeous!

I need not say further that shopping is great there and I truly enjoyed myself. In fact, we have intention to head back to Tokyo next year around the same time as there are still a lot of places in Tokyo that we have yet to explored. :)


  1. Babe I enjoy your vacay pictures, I want to go to Japan too.

    1. Jacq, u must plan for you with your boys. 1 in winter and one late spring! :)

  2. EEEE cat cafe! I've seen that on TV! The cats look pretty relaxed. One seems to be pretty interested in your bag haha

    1. Sunny, a few cats were so curious with my bags and 1 even stuck his head in, haha. They are mad cute!

  3. Oooh these photos are amazing! Friends are getting married next year in Japan (she's Japanese, he's Belgium) and it will be a triditional Japanese wedding. My boyfriend and I plan on going to the wedding and then travelling around for another week or two. We sooooooo look forward to it,

    1. Enjoy yourself when u r there. I heard traditional Japanese wedding is very interesting. :)


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