Friday, November 23, 2007

My Hero!

The 'Hero' movie is out!!! Yes!!! Takuya is still yummy as ever and the story is still meaningful as it was as a TV serial. Although it's not as attractive as any other Hollywood movie, it still attracted my attention with all the funny scenes and touching scenes.

Takuya's role is public prosecutor, Kohei Kuryu went all way out to find evidences to prosecute the guilty and gain the help of his fellow colleagues in his office. It sets me thinking........ I don't think I can work like that. Haha...... Maybe Kuryu enjoyed his work and finds meaning in it thus he has the undying euthusiasm and endless flow of energy devoted to his work. How many people now can find this kind of satisfaction in their job that make them proud of what they do and thus finds meaning in it???? I tell you what made people proud of their job, PAY! Yes, it's all about the money. No money, no talk. No talk, no food, no food, no energy. Plain and simple. Haha.

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