Monday, January 22, 2007

Gridiron Gang

Caught a very meaningful show yesterday, Gridiron Gang. It depicts a true story of how a juvenile probation officer helped a group of delinquent teenagers find back their self-confidence and give themselves a second chance through football.

Through their football practices, teenagers from all walks of lives come together to train together as one team. Not only do they build a sense of belonging in one another, they also see themselves as someone who is not a loser but they can achieve what they set out to achieve. This is a very touching show whereby I see true stories of teenagers who got a second chance from the wrongs that they did when they were young. Not only do they get more friends, they have better relationships with their families and loved ones.

Sometimes I feel we are penalised for just one mistake that we do, whether in life or in work. And for just this 1 mistake, we are often penalised for the rest of our lives. Why do we not deserve a second chance to redeem ourselves? For example, why is it that if we do not have a degree we do not get to earn good money??? And even if we do get a degree but because it is not a honours degree, we get paid lesser than those who got a honours??? Why?? Is this the cruel fact of reality??? Does the society even looks at the character of a person? Why do we have to pass judgement on people based on what we can see and not look beyond it? I always remember that only God can pass judgement on others but more often than not, we have idiots thinking and behaving as if they are God and passing their own idiotic judgements on others. Perhaps God should just strike them down with lightening........

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