Monday, January 8, 2007


Someone told me yesterday that whatever aspirations that he has before will never be fulfilled until the day he dies because he just will not be able to do what he wants due to no financial means and commitments. I replied him by saying 'There is no such thing as aspiration in Singapore because it just doesn't fill the stomach'. He was surprised by my statement as he always felt tat I have always aspire to be an accountant!

Haha, whenever people asked me why did I choose to study accountancy, my reply was always "Because I do not want to study science subjects in JC and uni". So I chose accountancy course by form of elimination, and not that it was my 1st choice in anyway. Singapore is a very materialistic country, everything counts: Having a good qualification counts, having a good job counts, having lot of money counts, having name and power also counts! Sometimes I wonder if I will be better staying in another country. Why is it that in other countries have more singers, more artists, more designers, more sportsmen than in Singapore? Because, the materialistic nature of our country just doesn't feed these aspiring people well to pursue their dreams!

Hiaz, reality just sucks and I just have to go back and start working to earn my monthly keeps again.......

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