Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia

I am not a perfume person, to be honest. Furthermore, I am always using the same few perfumes, namely Kenzo Flower, Lancome Miracle, Bvlgari Pour Femme. I have been using these 3 perfumes mainly because they are not too sweet and strong. Strong perfumes tend to give me a headache. However, I do notice that perfumes do not last very well on me for 1 reason or another (perhaps some human chemistry involved) thus I tend to prefer getting EDP instead of EDT.

Jo Malone is not one of the few commercial brands which are easily available over the counters but I have read about this brand in a few of the beauty blogs which I am following. What caught my attention is that we can create our own unique scent by mixing the different Jo Malone scents. The drawback is seriously the price tag though. A cologne of 30ml cost $95 and 100ml cost $190, and to me is really pricey. But after reading these beauty blogs (which to me is PURE EVIL, lol), I cannot help but step into Jo Malone boutique at Ngee Ann City to take a look.

I really like the bright and crisp atmosphere in the boutique when I stepped in and the friendly SA also helped in scoring some points there. I told her I am keen in their fragrance and would like to know what she can recommend if I am someone who doesn't like my perfume to be too sweet and strong. She immediately recommended me English Pear & Freesia which I took a liking immediately. She also let me try Orange Blossom (which is also not bad and smell of lily) and another scent which I did not catch the name but I did not quite like it as well.

I asked the SA further regarding the combination of scent and she demonstrated to me by spritzing English Pear & Freesia on my left wrist and English Pear & Freesia layered with Orange Blossom on my right wrist. I am quite an idiot when it comes to describing the scents but both smells heavenly (in fact another lady who was in the store at the same time, turned around and ask what was the scent on me as she really liked it). With the combination of scent, it smell really different when it was just English Pear & Freesia. Honestly, I am sold and I knew I am getting something that moment and thus I decided to get English Pear & Freesia as a start. The price tag definitely helped in curbing the impulse to buy 2 fragrances on the spot. :)

Eden and my first Jo Malone!

I really like the way the SA wrapped up the fragrance with ribbons and all and I actually told her to save these efforts since it is for myself. She smiled and told me I should take this as a gift for myself! Damn, I really like her service!
The simple and crisp Jo Malone box and elegant wrapping
My English Pear & Freesia cologne!

After stepping out of the store 4 hours later and a nice warm shower, the scents were still lingering on my wrists and I could not help but kept smelling them as well. I think I definitely made a right decision getting their fragrance!

I am definitely going back for more of Jo Malone's fragrances. Have you tried any of their fragrances and what are your favourites?

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