Sunday, July 17, 2011

My 1st LUSH Spree

Just last month, I organised my very 1st LUSH spree and with the support from my sister and some friends, we managed to order the stuffs that we wanted and split the shipping costs! Yippie!!!

Online shopping is just so convenient nowadays that it is almost impossible not to love shopping in the comfort of your home and just click click away on the mouse and making payment via your credit card. Processing and delivery is very prompt by LUSH UK and I received the parcel just under 2 weeks after my order was placed. On a separate note, I discovered my sister's order of Oatifix fresh face mask was not in the parcel and I tried my luck in contacting them to inform that this item is missing from my parcel. Honestly, I was prepared for the worst case scenario that nothing could be done about it but their customer service was excellent! Not only did they replied my email within 12 hours, the good news is they will send me a replacement mask!!! I am soooooo going to order from them again!

Now, back to my hauls....... This is my personal order:
Top row: Fresh Farmacy cleanser, Mint Julip lip scrub, Sexy Peel soap, Porridge soap, trial size Charity Pot
Bottom row: R & B hair treatment, Noubar soap, Honey I Washed the Kids soap

My sister's friend also got interested in LUSH products and ordered LUSH Lime Smoothie and Creamed Almond and Coconut Smoothie. I have personally not tried the smoothie before but I think they should be good!

V also gave LUSH a try by ordering Happy Hippy and Back For Breakfast shower gel. :)

I am so addicted to LUSH products now!!! I have already came up with my next shopping list for LUSH!

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