Thursday, July 21, 2011

City Hunter

I have been trying to find online streaming videos of City Hunter starring Lee Min Ho for a while and all I can find are videos of the latest few episodes thus making my whole viewing experience very uncomfortable. Luckily for me, City Hunter is aired on SCV now and thus I can view it in the comfort of my home. The only issue is that subtitles are in chinese which can be a pain but bearable for me.

Have I mentioned how hot Lee Min Ho is? Lol. I think I did but then, I still wanna say HE IS HOT!

I wonder if he has went under the knife before........ maybe I should google about it one of these days and see what I can find.


  1. won't be surprised if he had. think a lot of korean stars had at least something done. i jst refuse to believe in natural perfection. hahaha. *super jealous*

    i love LMH too but i think he's a bit too skinny though.

  2. yah, he is seriously perfect until it seems impossible, isn't it?

    i think LMH will be hotter if he is slightly buffed. *drooling*

  3. that's right! i didn't think that much of him when he was in BoF although he was already quite perfect then except for the mess of hair. but then in personal taste i almost died when i first saw him in it. haha.... i haven't watched city hunter yet but this looks so much better even just in pictures! and yes if he has just that little bit more muscles and stuff... oh man, then it's perfection.


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